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It is no small feat to live a life that leaves a mark. Even harder to do is leave a cross-shaped mark that points people in the direction of heaven by way of the saving work of Christ’s death and resurrection. That is precisely what Leonard Worcester managed to do. Throughout his life, he took on many roles but the one that made the biggest difference in this world was that of being a Christian. 


As the son of a Nazarene pastor, and a lifelong Nazarene himself, Leonard spent his life in service of the church and those who had given their lives to the call of God. He raised his family in the church and taught them to love on others as a primary means to spread the love of Jesus.

When his time on earth was done, the mantle fell to his daughter and her husband. The Rekindling Bed & Breakfast was born. This ministry is a legacy of love, born out of a deep desire to answer the call of God on the next generation to support those who are doing the hard work of shepherding flocks where God has placed them.


The Rekindling now exists to offer those in full-time ministry a place to be able to get away from the rush of always being on call; somewhere that leaves judgment at the door and just allows God to rush in and refill spirits that are often running on empty. Whether you are on your own or with your family, physically tired or just emotionally spent, seeking respite from crisis or needing a breather from life, there is rest available here.

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